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1. 13

You're all doomed! You're all doomed! A drowning; Evil Prevails; A small boy; Hell's got a plan to sell; For more then 20 years he's locked in horror; Until one faithful night, the onslaught begins; M...

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2. After The Fire

When the world was formed; From a fiery mass; Bombastic explosion, big ball of gas; Just another planet; On a small scale; There was an attempt to create the perfect planet; But it got nailed; Got sla...

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3. Cookie Cutter On The Fritz

Lovely; That's when a man meets a woman; Deadly; As Chemistry without the instructions; Sinfully; Two souls consumate inwardly; Crusifixtion; Masses will lay dead; In an Apocalpitic world; Afraid of t...

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4. Happy Go Lucky

Truth's are all lies; The commons I Despise; They really didn't do it for me; A greased palm over here; get's you something over there; Doesn't honesty count for anything? I can hear it ring; Libery f...

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