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1. Already Known

For the wind under wings; For the wings of my plane; For the plane that will carry me far away; For the night of this day; For the day of this week; For the week that will end this pain; But the light...

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2. Brontophobia

Has your mind ever been as free as mine; Can you find yourself saying "I will be fine"; You are dreaming and waiting for someone; to give you happy days to come; Through ice we´ll dive, again; Strike ...

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3. Chance To Change

I have seen fighting to the bitter end on this field; Like they cared what the life would be without foolish pride; Sure I am looking for something to stand on; I´m making my very last run though, and...

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4. Etyde Light

I found myself again striving beetween night and day; May be I´ll let myself drift with the wind; I don´t know where she came, In her name I´ll find it out; She holds the hagard bloom in her hair; He ...

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5. Falconeye

There is no tailwind on this flight to nowhere; Ten thousand miles behind and yet to soar; With my falconeye, You made it worth of carrying on; Somewhere that road became a cul-de-sac; At that time I ...

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6. Illusion Game

It's time to take off concrete shoes and change the way of wind; Time to turn the page if you lord it over me; Lost and found again when the resurrection ends; Time to change the rules he said; Play t...

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7. In Anger

Why I thought I had it all; and why I wanted more; Could it be just there for while, the while I need for myself; Never dared to seal my door; Never dared to look behind; Once again I was; As fool as ...

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8. Light'n'smoke

The deed can be done if you listen to me, yeah. Feel the power of the errant soul; I have seen many years passing by; and I cannot find. ; We´re searching for light and dust in the smoke, yeah. Soon t...

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9. Lost In The Thunder

A voice calls 'cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war'; Stay your hand no more; No reason, hope or glory; Beneath the chain of command; Dreams fade in the wind like sand; No one cares; Who you really...

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10. Midday Moon

Dismissive feeling surrounds; He feels the gaining force; Flying with wings of change; The future is so strange; Nothing that he can do; He sees the photograph; photo of early days; Rising magic touch...

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11. Royal Stranger

I'm astray, so far away; In crowds I'm still alone; And I will be gone; Before the day grows long; Where ever I've spent my time; Where I have been I always know; I will never belong; ; I wear masks i...

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12. The Hackneyed Dream

Wait over night, and close your eyes; Seems to me, a path with no end ... Lock up your door, go into thoughts; Find yourself wailing for the broken dream.... ; Sometimes I just wish I could turn time;...

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13. To Be

Today I saw it was more I could take; Made my mind out of line; How can I breath if this world´s full of pain; leaving me no other choice; Like a wind, like a rain, like a storm; I will gain; Answers ...

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