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1. Mortal Climb

With some friends you used to climb the mountains of your area; During this ascent you knew that few men; Were able to climb this peak; Having climbed over five thousand meters; Climatic conditions be...

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2. Tragical End

They prepared their voyage; Everybody was delighted to go; With projects in their minds; At the take off all went fine; After flying for hours; The plane crashed on the mountains; Half of them survive...

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3. Under Concrete

Your town was asleep; When the earthquake shook the ground; Many buildings fell; You were trapped under concrete; Everywhere around you, rubble obstructed escape; A girder had pulverized one of your l...

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4. Watery Grave

The sea was smooth, the wind was calm; However, it was a great surprise for those innocent people; To see a maze of rocks and icebergs; Suddenly the sea surged, winds formed waves ten meters high; Sla...

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5. Winds Of Death

Your land was known as a paradise; And also for its seasonal wind; Older people had warned you, they heard that once a century; Winds will gather from everywhere; As if they wanted to eradicate life; ...

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