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1. Between Demons And Angels

I saw angels in the sky; Falling down until the earth’s centre; Where they will fight; Now they want to decide; The destiny of humans... What you think? Why you fight? Bridge:; Beut the time for the w...

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2. Beyond The Skies

Can you give me answers? About the reason of life; Beyond science and religion; Why does we born and die? Living inside illusions; Surrounded by the lies; But I’ll never believe it; I just follow my t...

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3. Dance Of Damnation

Winds of agony; Bring me your mysteries; I set sail for your soul; Now I am by your side; I’ll give you hope and wise; Wake up and follow me; ‘Cause trip has begun; Dream every night; A whisper: “Don’...

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4. Dark Prelude

I living between shadows of old dreams; Forgotten and erasured into this place; Unknown writings... Sacred symbols are my guide; The new begining is coming coming from the stars; Into the night; I'll ...

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5. Forbidden Book Of The Deads

Looking for shadows; What do you see? Why don’t you understand? There are miths and tales; Out reality; Afflicting your conscience; You have no exit; You have no chance; Into the darkness; The demons ...

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