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Letra da Música Speedracer de Capyac

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You don't have to wait until the world is over
To tell me how you feel
Why can't you take me closer?
If I could be the wind, I could take you higher
If I could steal the sun, could I be your fire?

I'll take you to the motorway
Speed speed racer
Ooh I want to take you there
Show you all the fancy cars
Ooh the money-maker
I promise we can take it slow
Can I get a witness
Who can testify
No need to mess around
Wanna be your lover
But you never know unless you try try try

Girl I wanna love you
Now I got no other
If you wanna leave then I can't make you stay
But I wanna love you
Only you
All I want

OOh I want you to take me there

EE ye hee ey ye hee
Haahha hhaa aayaa haa yaa haayaa


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Número de Palavras 128
Número de Letras 721
Intérprete Capyac

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