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1. Empty Vases

Empty vases; They're everywhere; standing here and standing there; Doesn't even try to reach somewhere; Pretty faces; Doesn't seem to see; That this is not; Ultimate for thee; Forget about the art; Fo...

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2. Requiem

It's 3: 00 AM and I can't; fall asleep cuz; The news today has shown me; a bad notice; Please tell me that you; Didn't forgot us; You Have left us Now you're; otherworldly; So I guess that this it it;...

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3. Sorely Falling

There is no one thing that make believe; That all the things can turn to gold; I think It's easy I can try; The Submarine is easily high; Don't refrain me; You will know it's the wrong way; I see the ...

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4. The Game

Not always an easy thing; Sometimes it looks like; But please don't be desillusioned; Remember you can go far; Say you wanna go; Or Say you wanna throw all your life; And give up under the pressure; B...

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5. Wherever I Am

We don't care about the distance; Cause in the end we'll be together forever; And I am trying to find her; But I don't know if I can; Wherever I am; She will be loved anyway; Wherever I am; I try to f...

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