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Find Another Way
Captain Hollywood Project

Find another way to me
Find another way and make me free
Can you hear my voice so find another way
Oh I cried to you
Please follow me oh follow me
Oh whoooa
Find another way
Find another, another way

Shake it, break it
No I cant fake it
To another level, cant take it
Pressurize and hypnotize
And in your mind, realize
And move, move
No I gotta move
Yo, so, watch me groove
Beat to the beat
Fire and heat
Make you jump right outta your seat
Gotta jam jam, watch me jam
To the beat, yo watch me slam
Pumpin pumpin looking for something
Always question leaving nothing
Shake it shake it every day
Keeping busy day by day
To find, to find another way

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Número de Palavras 110
Número de Letras 713
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