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Glorification of illness, reverse of natural order
Self-masturbation leading to biological extinction
Religion of materialism drives to mass human praise
The bottom reached the top, a glorious dance of the psychotic reality

Innocence have died, Neutralism is Gone
The god of gold Enthroned, demanding equality of non-equals

Rivers of Blood!
We will return with the rivers of blood
River of Blood!
Natural order Restored after Rivers of blood

Brotherhood of lion and sheep, of wolf and rabbit
Laws and Anti-laws, The Gold is your god....
The deeper in lethargy you fall, He chaines you more

Rivers of Blood! We will return with the rivers of Blood
Rivers of Blood! Thousands will be drowned in the rivers of blood
Rivers of Blood! The chains gonna break, after a bloodshed of man

The passing from Darkness to Light,
from a dark age to a new Golden One
Will only come after rivers of blood,
the sooner you realize it, Soonerit will come
The more in sleep you fall, sooner you'll die in the rivers of blood...
The Mammon beast will slayed,
the world will change only by the rivers of blood...

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Número de Palavras 167
Número de Letras 1014
Intérprete Capricornus

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