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1. Abysses Of Souls

Fallen into deep Depression, tortured by your own Mind; A dark Power rises from the Abyss of your Soul; Possessed your Brain; Like a Demon it speaks to you, let you doing Things you never want to do; ...

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2. Ashes To Ashes

Deep between the Earth; is my new Home. Forgotten by Friends and Enemies; A Black Cell surrounds my Lifeless Body; Now that the Silence is around me; I can Finaly sleep........Finaly sleep; Deep betwe...

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3. Wake My Evil Roots

In Solitude I praise the Abyss of my Own; -The inner Evil, so hateful and dark! Satan hear my Calls and let me rise upon this weak Existence; Wake my Evil Roots - The Essence of Negativity; Wake my Ev...

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