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1. I Can't Believe It

Here we go.. yo.. whassup? I got a story to tell, yaknahmsayin? Yo, it's talkin about this family.. yaknahmsayin? They kinda caught up, but yo; I want y'all to check it out as I kick a lil somethin li...

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2. Make Some Cash

[TMD]; Up early in the morn, all night, had no sleep; Tired as hell, but broke as glass on the street; Stomach crazy whylin, I ain't had no grub; Should I mug? (nah) So I jump my ass in the tub; Bounc...

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3. Styles I Manifest

I bust the devestatin rhymes like a sumo flex; to put the crook in your neck, so be glad you met, the vet; who's set, to explode into the next mode; No time to be scared, just time to get prepared; fo...

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4. The Masha

Ahahahahahaha... Yes... the masha's back (well alright!); And you don't stop, and you don't stop; And you don't stop to rock, keep on; Yeah, and you don't stop; Yo I'm back in this sh*t, I'm back in i...

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