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1. Fractured

What of this world a thing in which I can’t be; To taste for first time; Grim destruction bitter end; My skeletal self is melting; In separation of my mind and body; I realize that my cries jeopardize...

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2. Icon Of Malice

I am what you crave, When others turn their back, In your darkest moment of shame, With the hate you seem to lack; The hate that you lack; I’ll take your to a world where hate; And contempt dwell, I’m...

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3. Ingrained

Christened as the abomination; Held down in his godly pose; Stitch me in conformity's slab; Embroider my flesh in mechanical mode; I'm crucified for my existence; Nailed in obscurity; Coerced complian...

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4. Machines

To bring us power, intelligence; Machines are running in our mind; When we dissect the natural elements; We see what left behind; Calibrate – to attack empower me – as they kill; In my dreams, I see t...

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5. Perpetual Desolation

Insanity will be my captor; Taking its toll on my comprehension; Ecstasy; Derangement; It will be everlasting; A cage tormented catatonic; I feel lunacy in me; Its psychosis taking me over; Autopsy is...

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6. Refusal

Leeching off the blood of old; Lasting gaze turned heart of tone; Tear the heart out beating cold; Skinned pulled apart then drip the bone; Conceived in blood; Is the untruth; Occultist ritualistic bi...

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7. Reigns Of Humanity

In resurrection it may be the time; To grab humanity by the reigns; In times of ruling it’s the pyre; That bring the enslaved to their knees; It’s me, the chaos sphere that rules this land; It’s me, t...

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8. The Scourge Trial

It bleeds it feeds it kills, on the scourge of your life; It bleeds it feeds it kills, aftermath of the knife; I feel it will be this time, that life’s no longer mine; Feasting on the blood of self, p...

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