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1. Closer

Your affection, tender as a fading tide; And over distance, it always feels magnified; But when I try to bring you closer you get colder once again; Would you give it up for me? Would you give it up f...

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2. Keep Me In Mind

The rolling ocean takes a breath; From the shoreline, I feel blessed; Take me North bound, back to home; Where I know; I see our footprints in the sand; A feel has raised on the back of my hand; Take ...

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3. Swin

Love, love is a funny thing; It takes you where you least expect it; Throws you out to sea; Only you, you can either choose to swim; Or surround yourself with water; And let it take you in; If that's ...

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4. The Start

I don't wanna go, but I don't wanna stay here; The air is still in the city and I need to feel the breeze; Show me something, and give me something you've found; And I'll free you from your demons tha...

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