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1. Consumers

Consumers!!!! Consuming!!!! Consumers!!!! Consuming!!!! What beautiful mourning, the coin-sun is up; I turn on the house to fill up my cup; I am the best man in town, wherever I go; I spend my time bu...

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2. Killer Shit

Grind yourself and die! You drop me without feelings in water! You aborted your joy - you are the slaughter! Awake Shit awake - take your revenge for the cake! Do you fucking Die?! Killer shit kill; K...

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3. Kranium Transplant Failed

I saw the tool... Waiting for my skull; Doctors are all over; I feel the head holder... My skull is ill; I'm sure they'll fix it; The great operation starts; The sharpest scalpel cuts; Operation start...

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4. Lauren's Shaving Kit

I got my perfect kit! I wake up near the bathroom; My kit is waiting; Day by day I use it gently; But today I failed – NO! Oh my god the kit is; Alive and mad; It is cutting my face; I fall in blood!!...

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5. Railway Train Monday Football

Go! Holiday time calling me; Team is gathered-we are so free; This Monday we want to die; On the railway like a fucking pie; Bound our legs tight on the line; Bring the ball, we are so fucking fine; C...

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