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1. Comebacks And The Like

Im gonna tell the world, yeah how its not my fault; Im just a victim here, yeah arent we all; I was framed as part, of this elaborate crime; Theres just no way I will, serve any time; All the times th...

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2. Interest Me

Please wont you take me away, so I can see the sky today; I want to fly up where the birds fly way up there so so high; Try to take an interest in me; Its all you can do for now Im falling down; All a...

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3. My Alibi

Hes my friend but hes also my nemesis; To assist me now, on my way down; We go way back, I met him many years ago; But now I know he, doesnt want the best for me; Take my hand, walk in time, you alway...

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4. Perfect Town

Three houses down, theyve got it made theyre living fine; How did I miss this, when living right was so close to mine; I think I will try to look inside; Inside their house, this isnt what I thought I...

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5. Strike A Pose

Verse 1. Bait the trap to catch those who are just trying to help you stay alive; Strap me in to your mind-sucking device, apprehend my living eyes; Chorus. You take my mind and you look within all of...

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6. Televisionary

I dont think that, I would believe you; Even if you came, right up and told me; I dont like to hear that youre worried about me; Its like I do, but I really dont; We all know were on a sinking ship; B...

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7. Thank You

Verse 1. Saw your car from my window; Now your feet on the stairs; What are we doing; I hope tomorrow that youll still care; Chorus. I dont know how you do it but Im glad you do; I guess what Im tryin...

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8. The Terrible Turns

Find this funny i dare the audience; Me, the dame, the cross-minded game i don't remember how to play; But i'm trying to write something without the i's and you's; But those word carry so much meaning...

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