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1. Alone At Last

Right back where you want to be; Nothing blocks your way to see; No one takes a part of what you own; Plenty of the space you crave; Time to spend instead of save; That's the only place that you call ...

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2. Its All Yours

There's a song that I wrote; And I wrote it for you; It's wrapped up in ribbons and packaging; If you open the box; I can't say what you'll find; You can take it on home; Put it up on the shelf; It's ...

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3. Red Sombrero

Ever running to the sea; The way my dreams get away from me; The distant mountains stand so still; But the river is a wishing well; The river is a wishing well; Summer drew me to her shore; The river ...

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4. See You Again

limb a mountain and reach way up high; Paint a picture and let it fly; Try to hold on to something you love; Touch a hand, but you're touching a glove; Chorus:; Now you're with me and now you're not; ...

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5. Shooting Stars

You told me all about her; Underneath the shooting stars; How you love her but you leave her; And you can't go very far; Away until you're back again; Starting it all over; And we watched the stars fa...

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6. The Owl And Me

Like an owl opening its eyes to starlight; I am opening my eyes to you; And in the darkness I can see a light; That makes a way for precious few; How can I flail for words; When love has set the stars...

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7. Under The Rose

There's a flower that grows in the shape of a rose; And its beauty is with me wherever I go; But its sweetness was lost in the winter's first frost; And the chill has stayed ever with me; Oh, a long t...

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