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Yo in the summertime heat
When the pulse is back
You get to bumpin the beat
Hear me attackin the track - I lack
Nothing at all, got the baddest gear
Swoopin' in the cruiser, bringin up the rear
I keep it current, keep it coming correct
I feel the burn for the hustle like the sun on my neck
But yo I gotta play it cool like xylitol
When the honeys get to layin out like wall-to-wall

I wanna knock it out the park like a little leaguer
Cuz the girls get choosy when the boys get eager
My funds are too meager to gas my ride
But ladies say that I'm fly when I cycle by
That's why I get on down til the early morn
Leave two grass angels on the neighbors lawn
They call me b-I-g s-p double o- n
Don't believe me dude? you better check wit yo girlfriend

It's so good, it's so good when you can take off the hoodie
It's alright ? summertime
In my hood, in my hood ain't nobody can thrill me quite like
A cool cool summer

I got a fresh pair of double-d batteries in my boombox
Whole block comin' down with that sound
Of the cs-summertime some are fly, some are hot
Time to take you on a critical ride

Alright alright, sunshine to nine
And we got all night to do just what we like
And we like whatever feelin' right
Ain't clappin' no caps just clap to the beat

Of the lyrical ice cream truck, bringin y'all the treats
And the honeys all lookin' so good
In the back of the yard, the back of the car
Forget about the bed we sleepin' underneath the stars

I'm from the city of reno, where we getting' mad dough
Closin escrow on this mad track, so stand back
Back to the song of yo summertime crush
We crack the can, did you pack a lunch?

Now if I can drop a verse then I can pick it back up
Like usain bolt, I'm gonna tear this track up
So get get to stepping like it's double double dutch
The summer time style is too much to touch
I be that dumpster jumper with a farmer's tan
Throwin out mc's like a garbage man
We bout to blow the roof off your party van
And when we wake up in the morning we just start again

We gonna take it to the streets on the equinox
Summer jams comin out yo speaker box
Yo this ain't a yard sale, but we'll clean yo clocks
And break the windows on the block like a box of rocks
And yo the sun don't set on the noise we make
We came to blow this party up like yellow cake
Yeah maybe I'm dirty, but I'm still the bomb
And tonight we gonna party like it's ramadan

I'm from the church of funk here to bring you the news
We got the cure for the summertime blues
You got the need for the word of truth
They seein' the power in these 1's and 2's

Mista neva I'm feelin the feva
Hold up yo head let me relieve ya
Preach on y'all, til y'all believers
The hook, the line now here's the sinker

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