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1. Back To Hell

Rising from the ashes; Stroming through the gates; The riders of the apocalypse fate; Sounding like the thunder; At the speed of light; The troops of the danmed will arise; [BRIDGE]; They're coming fr...

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2. Beyond The Gates

She told me to wait; Now I'm alone outside the gate; My eyes are bleeding visions fade away; The sun came to late; Time is here to seal my fate; In pain inside the purgatory flames; Now open gate let ...

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3. Dreams

When the night comes down; And I'm feeling cold; Shadows are moving around; I've been here before; Where the roads lead to nowhere; Please don't make a sound; [BRIDGE]; Up from the gutter thay will ri...

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4. Fields Of Yesterday

The passage is open, they've unlocked the cage; The circle is broken, beware; Along came the thunder, the wind and the rage; A vortex of pleasure and pain; [BRIDGE]; The spectre within us is trying to...

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5. Forever Ends

I see you comin', lookin' shiny and new; Just like a bullet in a brand new gun; You are the pony on a merry-go-round; All painted up and you're so ready to run; I feel the lightning hanging over the h...

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6. Garden Of Evil

Descend from heaven; An angel in black; The outcast of evil; Sent to reign, enslave the human race; His will is done, they stole the sun; Left us to die; How could it be we couldn't see? The warning s...

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7. Merciless

The night is calling, vicious creatures all around; Moonlight shadows moving fast, beware don't make a sound; I am falling, into a void and I don't know; What awaits me beyond the point where no one d...

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8. Red Light

When shadows fall in the twilight zone; The spirits will arise; The lord of darkness, descends my soul; With slander, tainted lies; [BRIDGE]; Walking on water, visions fading to black; As the flames s...

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9. Signs

Bloodstains on the floor; Distant screams across the hall; Behind every door waits death and sorrow; [BRIDGE]; In this evil nest; Life is put up to a test; That we must take or there is no tomorrow; [...

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10. Silent Cries

How can I take on this mission? That I've been told to do; My hands are tied, I am crucified; I'm a stranger in a strange land; So now I'm feeling the pressure; It's boiling up inside; Where hatred on...

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11. Soul Collector

I move across the earth; Dark shadows call my name; I am the chosen one, I am insane; I am your darkest fear; Your sinner and your saint; Through all eternity I set my sail; You cannot sleep at night;...

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12. The Key

In a world of eternal darkness; At a place of long lost innocence; They obey someone else's master; They're just puppets on a broken string; In a time of undying fury; This creation is bound to fall; ...

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