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1. Flashback

I fought myself; as i walked away; stopping myself from looking back; then i realized; my dream have just died; I yelled and i cried; finding myself with none to blame; and trying to hide this terribl...

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2. Stucked With You

I feel so cold tonight; this coldness burns inside; i wish that u could see; how much your issues afect me; Its hard to take; and harder to brake; i am begging you; stop the fucking fake; Walking arou...

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3. Time For A Change

Sick of living everyday; Trying to bring back yesterday; wishing it could be easier to go through; nights and days of feeling blue; I really need to find a way; to move on from this pathetic face; I a...

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4. Untitled

Yesterday i couldn´t believe; the way your eyes looked at me; sitting by your side; why would i wnat to leave? I really thought we could be; but i was too numb to see; the selfish game you were playin...

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