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1. Blunted At Birth

Chronic fucking, chronic bud; Increased libido; Engorging the flesh pipe; Smoke cum so green; One spurt is not enough; You crave his warm weed inside your vag; Nine months have passed; Since that carn...

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2. Chronolith

Stoned, as stoned as the builders of this bud-bastion must have been; High, so high, so high, high above the summit circled calmly be green clouds; Smoke, the smoke is drawn forth from the buds of inn...

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3. Force Fed Shitty Grass

Straightlaced dork he is stranded in nowhere; wondering where the fuck his life has led him to; always following the rules set forth to him; now hes lost walking to school again; they are waiting for ...

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4. Gallery Of Stupid High

Self-contained environments, where shut-ins live their worthless lives; Here you did awake, meant to gaze upon their sloth; They remane unaware as you pass and watch the pathetic routine to which they...

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5. I Cum Bud

Scars of the way that my cock used to work; phallus expanded; engorged with blood convoluted; drugs are life, a zombie i've become; veins of dark green-color of weed; semen demon seed; posession, thc ...

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6. Mummified In Bong Water

The skies grew black in Richmond; The clouds came suddenly, in thunderous wakes the herald of slaughter; An oblong hole a mile long; A portal to nowhere? Or perhaps a portal to putrescent party-foul; ...

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7. Reefer Stashed Place

Massive monuments of black stone; servants of the ancient green gods; to be wiser, mind expansion; raising the plant of the gods inception; into their tomb, youll rot away; rot to feed the wicked weed...

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8. Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red

Follow down into my lair; rotten smell, they smoke their weed there; her heady weed hits the air; i awake, from my coffin I stare; shaking hands, their bowl has fallen; to me this night, the pot has c...

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9. When Weed Replaces Life

Smashing the doritos bag; munching religiously; dealings from the ones who plant the seeds; Of weed; Wasting inherent smoke; Confronting an inner cough; praising subconsciously the ones who harvest th...

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