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1. (The New) Jesus

The new Jesus is on the way; What a nice white world you’ve made for us; With a perfect smile and god to trust; Should I come down and testify cause I don’t fear the other side; If hell’s a place we’r...

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2. Cream Pie

It’s only dirty if you make it; If you know my name you know by now; That I’m two hits in and three bumps down; Try to censor me; I’ll say what I wanna; Smile and walk away; You always fucking try to ...

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3. Fountain Of Youth

Everyone says that the good die young; But if I die young what will you say about me? Everyone said I could change; I could be saved; I could be a nice motherfucker; Everyone said it’s ok; There’s alw...

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4. French 75

I feel the love up in the air; It's like a long hard night; No one ever cares; I see the love up in the sky; It's like a cold rain cloud; Racing through the night; It slips away; It slips away; On, an...

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5. Gemini

Staring from across the way; Won't you let me come and play? Stuck, on my mind tonight; I wanna have a look, let me inside; What's your bedroom like? Is anyone home? I'll bring red wine; Won't you be ...

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6. Mggda

Naïve and oh so confidant; We soak up blatant ignorance; I am your world motherfucker; My good goddamn america; You be my city girl; I'm fucking james dean; Blue eyed and beautiful; Commiserate with m...

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7. Oxblood

Welcome to the farm, tonight I run the joint; Your room's outside play in the dirt; Roll in the mud no shirt; No shoes, just greed to cut; Welcome to the farm tonight; I run the joint, here's your new...

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8. Screwtape

You're fine, don't get off the floor; Just a pill, nothing more; Come on, come on; You're right, just light it up; Don't stop now were having fun; Come on, come on; Gnawing at the feet of reason, go; ...

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9. St. Veronica

You told me to smile so I smile on command; You told me to scream so I did it again; I jump when you say cause I thought you would lead; But now you’ve crawled in my mind; And you’re not planning to l...

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10. Strange Candy

Good times and diamond rings; Red eyes and plastic kings; Am I alright? don’t comfort me; I’m feeling fine in this brand new dream; Warm wine and kerosene; God’s eyes and the taste of sleep; No I don’...

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11. Sunday School

Keep your faith if you want; Keep your brace if you want; Ill just fuck, up and fuck up again; To my mother; Who loves to tell me I'm a "mistake"! And her daughter; Spitting in my face every day; I'm ...

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12. True Love

There's a hole in my soul; Just like every other night I was getting off alone; My lips were paper white and my blood was coming home; Like an axe into my side I couldn't numb the pain; Do I beg for m...

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13. Ugly Model Mannequin

Hello again. it’s been awhile; How do you sleep with your crooked smile? Oh what a shame that you’ve become; A bad excuse for bleeding gums; You had your chance when we were young; But now you sleep w...

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14. You're So Wonderful

Isn’t she perfect? Isn’t she everything I need? Isn’t she worth it even if I can barely breath? Now the days drag on; And no one seems to care anymore; And we had our time; But now we’re just dirty an...

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