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1. Juicy

Juicy; I kno you gon dig this; (Hook); Hit em off wit a little bit (oh); Came back wit a little bit (wee); Got the hot boy all afta me (y); That J-U-I-C-Y That J-U-I-C-Y; (Casha D); Late night or the ...

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2. N.a.s

[Chorus: Casha D]; You Try And Come At Me And You Ain't Got No Doe, If You Ain't Trickin I Can't Roll. Gotta Let These Niggas Know; After I'm Done With You Just Grab Yo Shit And Go; Clean Yo Drama Off...

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3. Spare

[Casha:]; You get mad when I talk about that other dude That I was talking to, 'fore I ever talked 2 u; I told you time and time again to change your attitude; But now you blew it (but now you blew it...

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