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1. Animal

On now; Over now; Won't you make your mind up up finally; Now you really gotta burn it up up and go; Never ever had so much power before; Take a look at that caged up animal; If you love - you really ...

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2. Bubbles

I lay in my bubble bath; The suds go in my eyes; My fears fade here with us; So peaceful; Gentle water kssing me; Your voice echoing and lingering; Watching as you slowly undress; I'm helpless; My fea...

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3. Languor

Feign for love; Sweet like honey; Things I do; Ain't that funny; You're losing me; Do you follow? Wounds so fresh; Aching sorrow; Yes you know; Grains of sence; Not enough; Still so intence; Shed a li...

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4. Lucky

Walk on lonely girl; Walk on by; Your time has come to shine; It will ease your mind; Walk on pretty girl; Walk on by; It will all be fine fine fine; Just wait for a while; Do your best and don't worr...

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5. Sleng Teng

And you'r lying with your silver tongue; And your feelings change into so cold; And you'r lying just to send me out; You forget about it anyhow; And I hope that you won't leave me out; And you'r crazy...

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6. Sundown

I'm lost in your woods without a light x4; I'm always up when you are down x4; You gotta give it up give it up; We've got a whole day till sundown x2; I'm always here when you are gone x4; I'm always ...

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