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1. Angel's Cry

Time is slipping away; And this place is temporary; I wait upon the day; My eyes behold your glory; When you break the painted sky; Return to claim your bride; Into eternal life I'll fly; To this worl...

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2. Beauty Cries

She hides behind her mask; A mask of all her fear; A fear of being no one; She's haunted by her past; Blinded by her tears; She can't see that... All she needs is a Savior; The only One to save her; B...

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3. Bulletproof

My disease has taken over me; Full of ghosts that haunt my past; But my life changed; By one Man's sacrifice; Testifies of grace that's meant to last; It's something beautiful; To shed the fear that l...

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4. Chosen Fool

I’m running out, running out; I’m running out, running out; Out of my mind; I’m falling down out of bounds; Am I a piece of Your kind? I’m a crazy man; I run to you; I don’t understand everything I do...

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5. Circles

The battle is at hand; A war against inner man; I’m a soldier without a gun; In a fight that can’t be won; Without help from the Son; My mind fumbles the decisions; My feet stumble without precision; ...

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6. Echoes Of Words

don't curse another; you will discover it will leave a deadly scar; your words will find you; they will define you, exposing who you are; so say what you will, but.. ; speak in love, speak in truth; p...

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7. Fighter

I'm holding on to everything they want to take away; I'm standing strong against the grain; Against the words they say; I'm falling from the way of man; And crawling there to stay; I'm letting go of m...

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8. Hungry

Hungry I come to you for I know you satisfy; I am empty but I know; Your love does not run dry; So I wait for you, so I wait for you; I’m falling on my knees; Offering all of me; Jesus your all this h...

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9. Masquerade

You play the fool, you play the game; You play the saint when you're to blame; You hide your face with a plastic smile; With an honest lie and a swindler's style; So here's your invitation; Welcome to...

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10. Shut Your Eyes To Me

Criticize with your eyes as you throw your stone; Resting high in disguise as you sit on your throne; Take another look, see what’s inside the book; You don’t know what you might read, you don’t know ...

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11. Turn Around

Your follow your heart, but your heart will just betray; You run from the start, but the path led you astray; A symphony of broken dreams is all you have to play; You cannot find the peace of mind to ...

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