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1. Alone With Fate

I watched the night go on without you; I never thought it would ever go; I used to wait; Alone with fate; But now I see I've always known; That the night would go on without you; It didn't need your h...

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2. Black Roses

And so, she'll wait, amongst her old black roses; Her whole life, fading in, and out of the wind; I've loved, I've lost, my dreams were well worth the cost; But my roses, have always, been around; Too...

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3. Call It Love

I'm standing here; Watching the waves break on the sand, Holding your hand, and wondering if there was a time'; When I felt more comfortable. I could conquer the world with you by my side. ; We've gon...

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4. Dangerous Smile

I know she waits in silence, in the corner of her room; She sends out a life line, to the moon, and she smiles; Her dangerous smile; She was the one who never, ever asked for much; Got all the love sh...

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5. For You

When you wake, I'll be gone; Oh like the sun, I carry on; I will wait, over the, horizon for you, my love; Like a dove, flying high; My love soars, through the skies; I would wait, forever for you, my...

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6. Gone Gone Gone

Ohh, flames are reaching for the sky, they never stop to question "why"; Hearts will beat in perfect time, without reason, without rhyme, ohh yeah; Do not stop to question me, my mind is racing far an...

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7. Now and Then

The past time so familiar, but that's why you couldn't stay; Too many ghosts, too many haunted dreams, beside you were built to find your; Own way; But after all these years, I thought we'd still hold...

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8. Robin Red Breast

Robin, redbreast, looked down, from her nest and saw the world; From a different point of view; She saw, signs of spring, flowers, and everything looked beautiful; Golden and brand new; But hidden som...

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9. The Wind Is Calling

Hush, the wind is asking you to listen; And still you go on in your way; When you think that time has chosen you; As one of the precious few who, rule the sun more than the day; Then, there's nothing ...

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