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1. 19 (stay With Me)

Still waters running deep; Deep water running still; But wait until you; Resonate with me; Penetrate through me; Stay with me; Please don't leave; Take it easy; Just stay with me; I've waited all my l...

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2. 20 Odd Years

I ask for an abundance of things; But I always seem to get; Skipped over; I didn't surround myself with; Things that made me happy; They just didn't make me sad; I looked around; To see the things; In...

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3. Broken Promises

I break my promises; And I just broke one to you; I promised you I'd try harder; And I guess; I've messed this one up too; Now, I'm begging you; For another chance; No, you shouldn't give it to me; Bu...

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4. Changing My Mind

I look at men's; Fitness magazines; And I see; All the girls; Who line the pages; You see; There are; So many songs about; (Songs about); How you; Should love youself; (Love youself); Sung by a girl; ...

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5. Danny Boy

They said nice things; About you in the paper today; But that doesn't take away; The look on your wife's face; Oh, Danny Boy, oh, Danny Boy; A thousand pipes; Are calling you; Home, home, home; Fallen...

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6. Feelin' Ok

What more could I do; Without you, Babe? Running 30 feet down; To your bedroom window; I see you coughing; I ask "are you ok?"; But you close your eyes; And I say; "Excuse me darlin; Are you feelin' o...

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7. In The Middle

Chorus:; Well, I woke up tonight; Just in the middle; Of a great dream; And I wished; I could keep on and; Get back to sleep; What I mean is; I had a great dream; Sometimes I feel; Just like Peter Pan...

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8. Real Dream

They say; "Grow up get a real dream", so; Odd days, the week even so; Can't hear myself think; If I can't speak up; Lying here; All alone is just my luck; But if you can runaway, runaway; You can runa...

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9. Safe Keeping

Take a little piece of my life; For safe keeping; Steal away just one laugh; For when i'm weeping; 'cause i'm afraid; Change is gonna come my way; And i'm afraid rain; Is gonna ruin my days; Remember ...

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10. Signs Of Aging

If you carry; Your childhood with you; You never grow old; But every wrinkle you erase; Is a story untold; And I can't wait; To grow old; You buy pills and creams; To make you look young; But would yo...

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11. Sweetest Sin

Your name with my name has; A lovely ring to it; If you could only see it; The suffering it brings for me; To see you with her; No other thing is worse; Finally; I've found a piece of me; I love you s...

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12. Take These Chances

Honest to God; Gorgeous songs; About the way I'm afraid; Life's a brief candle; Don't blow it; Don't blow it out; Life's a walking shadow; Don't follow me around now; Capricorn birthday; Though I know...

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