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1. Come Together

(Cover The Beatles); Here come old flat top; He come groovin' up slowly; He got joo joo eyeballs; He want holy rollers; He got hair down to his knees; Got to be a joker; He just do what he please, yea...

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2. Cried

There's nothing left; 'Cause you took it all; I hope to fly; But you make me fall; And I'm tired; Oh I; I kept a smile for all those years; But I'm so sick of finding my tears; I'm so tired; Oh I; And...

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3. Die Without You

I live for your love; I'll never get enough; Until heaven comes to take me up; You'll be all I'm living for; You own my heart; It only beats for you; So when you're gone it'll stop; Cause that's how s...

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4. I Am Beautiful

You say I sound silly when I laugh real loud; Talk about my day and you tune me out; You keep telling me lies to make things worse; But I don't hear you; 'Cause I'm listening to his words; And he says...

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5. Same Kinda Man

I can see myself falling; I can only feel the sweet butterflies; I can only see the hurting; I can feel the teardrops; Falling from my eyes; And I know it's not alright to give it to you; But the pass...

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