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1. Anytime

ohh, yeah; anything, anytime; ; [Chorus:]; anytime you call (you call); i will come for you (i'll come); i will run to you (i'll run); i wont be long baby; anytime you call; i will be right there, (ri...

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2. Down For Love

My heart, he takes. He'll always be my baby; We may bend, won't break. What we got no one else can take. He's the sun when my day is low. On this adventure, we're front row. His love is the center of ...

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3. Sexy Love (feat. Ne-yo)

Neyo:; My sexy love (so sexy); She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up (i do); With just one touch (thank you); Candace:; I still get butterflies everytime he passes by; I cant say why; N-...

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4. So Sick

I gotta change the station that I have; Cause all I hear is you; It just keeps reminding me; Of all the things we used to do; And I know that I should turn; Off the radio; But it's the only place I he...

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