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1. Bronco

Takes a summer time in dollars at minimum wage; To buy some pittsburg steel when you come of age and; Even more to get it running and shining like you did; It was two toned tar heel blue and white; Co...

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2. Good Kinda Bad

Cross around your neck; Waited to dancing, girl's flirting with the dirty-side; With the cotton dress is hiding the tattoo; You want somebody to find; Bought you a shot a whiskey; Thought you'd be sip...

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3. Hole In a Bottle

Got a hole in my boots; So I gotta watch where I spit; Every time I chew; Got a hole in my boots; Got a hole in my jeans; Been working so hard; They're about to fall apart; At the seams; I got a hole ...

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4. Love You Like That

Hey girl, I'm just a small town run around; I get my kicks out on the outskirts of town; I could never do it like a pretty city boy; I'm more a fishin' in the dark nitty gritty boy; So lay back and le...

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5. Mad Love

We fight and we makeup; We're cool then we breakup; Like it's the last time; But it ain't the first; We leave and we run back; Baby, so much that; Everyone says that; It'll never work; Yeah, we're in ...

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6. Stuck

I remember how you stuck your hand in mine; where we were on the boardwalk; When I stuck that five in a jar; for the tikibar band to play; Gettin' stuck with you in that photo booth; we stuck that pic...

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7. Two Lane Road

I know you're fighting with your mama; I know you're sick of that drama; Yeah, I could pick you up; In a pickup truck, Baby; If you wanna; I got some room in the front seat; Some good tunes with a bac...

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8. We Got Us

Here we are making all our big plans; Jumping, way into the deep end; Hey girl why we don't just leave tonight; Pack it up drive until the road ends; Feels like this could be the moment; We've been wa...

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