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1. Breathing (acoustic)

I close my eyes; I feel your skin; I feel your smell; Enjoy myself; My mind flies; my heart beats; My breathing stops; But i go ahead; I need to scream; I love my life; Someday I'll see the past; But ...

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2. Found Her

I thought was alone now; And then she come; Knew what to think about me; Forgive my mistakes; She saived me from a sadness; I onw her a smile; For her I did not light a cigarette; And for her I search...

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3. I Know You Try

Leave me and I'll be free; I love you but you don't have me; I need you more than you can imagine; Why are you so confused? Why do I love you so much? I've tried calm but I cant,I cant; We are so craz...

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