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1. Be Mine

I hear your voice; Like a sweet melody; Your eyes just shine; Bright here inside of me; Your smile; Delights me; Makes my heart; Beat like a symphony; It's you who I want; Be mine forever; I'll be you...

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2. Harder To Wait

I can't deal with it; It's bigger than me; It's not easy to wait; For something that's not clear; I know we need faith; But what if it's a mistake? So should I stand? Cause now I want I left; My heart...

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3. Make Your Move

My mind is full of you; My heart waits for a move; And while the time passes by; I search for the why; I stand here waiting; Darling, don't complicate it; And I know it's a matter of time; But tell me...

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4. Notebook

Words written in letters; Roses seems what's better; I can't just forget you; Chocolates, playlists; We're far from what we need; But maybe we're ok; With this notebook; I write about you; With these ...

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5. Of Acts

Yes or no; Isn't so hard at all; I wanna go; If I won't have a goal; It's just to say; What you feel for me; Maybe it's not; My fantasy; Just tell me, babe; That you want me the same way; I'm not so c...

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