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Angels wont have mercy For this evil
All their beauty will not save us
From this hell bound
Sorrow far ahead, a path for grace
For redemption, then the angels
They will shout loud: Resurget exfavilla

"once upon a time a prophecy
told a noble king:
our prince shall bring us the light
the great bless of the heavens
a meadow emerging in this land
a dark allegiance, one evil desire
conspiracy in shades
an enemy hidden with no name"

Thou shalt not see the light
Glory, immortality will be mine

Lost in despair now their dead, wife and child
Frail and cold, once noble and strong
The king of the undead arises

Power and anger now burns my soul
Once and for all you shall be reborn!

Close to edge, ruins within
until the end search the immortality

Anguish will burst in revenge
Shines the dead stars
Minions surrounding the light
Darkness will now guide my life
Fire consumes I've forgot my own face
Bow now to me and my hate

Dark as the night
So spread your dark wings
Fly again

It all leads to an end
He´s search is the answer
To the sin of the damned
No more cry and ungrateful lies
barely a wisdom from the gods of time

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Número de Letras 1103
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