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1. Astronaut Adrift

First I felt the hit, then the explosion; A thousand pieces floating around; Time seemed to stop, or passed in slow motion; I couldn't feel a thing after that; In a room as white as snow; With an endl...

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2. By Surprise

I think I can, Swallow up my pride, And take you for a ride, Tonight. ; It's so important, Forget what we passed through, And like we always do; Just move on. ; You saved the day, When you came by, By...

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3. Feel Good Lost

How I wish I could stop my head; And feel good lost in nothing; Silence would be a symphony everywhere; Played in one note, in repeat; Out there, lives many ghosts; And I lost my naivety; Out there; I...

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4. Hypnosis

Loops inside my head; Voices echoing endlessly; Our bodies don't respond; The ground moves slowly from the feet; Looks like we are under some kind of hypnosis; That lead us to the fall; And after all ...

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5. Into The Night

Into the night all my dreams come to the fore; Into the night I'm an island with no shore; Into the night there's love and hate in perfect tune; Even these cold nights, typical of early june; When I c...

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6. Isles

I know you built some bridges between us. To bring us closer than before. But you brought me up, crossed the lines. I'd rather when we were each on its shores. ; Let's not talk about time, it fades to...

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7. Lighthouse

You left your heart in jackson, a woman and son; And headed to tennessee through 61; With a pack of cigarrets and jamaican rum; The only thing you said was "see you soon"; Driving through the plains y...

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8. Lost Cause. I Surrender!

You were my medication; Always there when I needed; An escape from all confusion; A road so calm between very huge pines; You got tired of breaking up your time; I'll take the risks of my addictions; ...

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9. Midnight Fever

We drive in the streets under a river; Where our grandpas used to chill out. Things were much closer than now. now. ; A thousand dead leaves cover the ground; And hides the cement of the pavement. Tre...

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10. Monologue Blues

Now you're the liar; While I am the wolf; Seems like we're playing each other's role; It's funny how you changed; In these last few years; If I'm still the same? It's up for you to say. Cheers! Let me...

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11. Outsiders

You walked a long way, enough to forget your roots. Carrying an old backpack almost full. Wondering what awaits you in the next bend. Amazed with landscapes that we're so used; We're stuck between bui...

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12. Pleasantly Drowsy

I remember your voice, coming from the backyard; Entering in the room through the windowsill; We were young and curious. Thirsty for living; We were sure that life was more than what we knew; We were ...

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13. Random


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14. Teenage Lust

Let's pack our stuff; And get into the car. An winding road is waiting for us. The furniture is already sold. ; We won't need that anyway. Just keep with you some recollections. ; In memory; Stories t...

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15. Time Will

Today I'll try to break your heart, But it may takes a lifetime. You may find someone to love, That will finally hit you; To make you feel comfortable to try; And not get old every night. To burn down...

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16. Travel Musings

The road to your heart; Is empty and full of shortcuts; Winding bends carved; In valleys and up in mountains tops; There are cracks in the sky; About to swallow me up; I hope you don't mind; If I take...

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17. Tulsa

Our youth is not the same. We've got special needs, and the world to blame. Our time is now but we're already late. Cos our town still has a delay. ; We excused any uniforms. There is no place we can ...

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18. Whatever Works

She undresses herself so softly; She has a single way that freaks you out; When she breathes so close to your ears; In a minute you surrender yourself; You're just a foolish heart; You're just a fooli...

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