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1. Before We Meet

Birds are singing their favorite songs; They know just where they belong; I dream of morning in the sun; Thunderstorms empty the sky; While lightning fills my eyes; I dream of a downpour in the night;...

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2. Dakota

So much for a home to call your own; Parents screaming through the night; They drank and drank until she said goodbye; She's stronger on her own; Searching for the hope in this; To find a place where ...

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3. Don't Back Down

Here we go; Fight to be the best; You deserve nothing less; Fight for every inch; Before it turns into regret; Someone start a fire; I see you burning; Like a hole in the sky; Someone start a fire; Le...

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4. Forever

Something's missing; A part of you is gone, gone; And I can't take this; It's tearing me apart, apart; I see you standing next to me; There is nothing better; Can I tell you what you mean to me? If on...

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5. Losing You

This isn’t how it was; Meant to end; A cold loneliness; Is all that’s left; What good is all you have? What good is all you have? Come back down to Earth; You’re not done yet; You’re quiet and alone; ...

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6. Love The Noise

Life is shorter, watch seconds passing; faster than a moment deciding; whether time might pay you back; Happiness lingers, like angels singing; louder than the world that is pleading; never giving a s...

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7. Prove You Wrong

Some are abandoned; And left to tend to all their wounds; Broke down and stranded; Afraid it might be true; Take what you’re handed; You got nothing left to lose; Empty hearted, empty handed; Afraid i...

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8. Risk

We are chance; With just one life to live; We romance; With just one heart to give; We are torn; We gather on the shelves; We are old; Our youth has turned its head; Won't you risk it all; Won't you; ...

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9. Science

Now and then; I can't muster up a sense of; Accomplishment or confidence; It feels like; I've been working for nothing; And more or less; All it does is bottle up; Regret and temperament; For those I ...

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10. The One Who Got Away

Oh I thought you'd always be right here; Never thought I'd watch you disappear; Through it all, I'm holdin' on; I tried to make right of what went wrong; What would it take for you to see; I left you ...

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