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1. Blue Girl

hold on blue girl; i heard all the things, alright? i don't know what is wrong or right; blue, blue, blue girl; hold on; i'm not not ready too; hold on; i'm for forever blue; come on; i put my kisses ...

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2. Brother

it seems that weren't so many reasons to cry; it's true that what we live and what we love make the time goes by; now it's time to tell the truth... i don't want but i'll go down the roof... ; you are...

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3. Can't Stop The Music

and now we know; the music goes. can't stop the music; while you sing your song. ; when you play belong; the group music song. that will be so long, i'll gonna take you on. ; i'll gonna take you all a...

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4. If I Could Fly

if i could fly; very high; i'd have to find all the ways; tryin' again; i'm so high; if i could fly; breaking laws; the way of love; n' flyin' with the flaws; turnin' the lights off; and flyin' around...

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5. Made In Dance

during the night, my fears are dyed, it had blown as it'd never died; all the wind that passed me by; made me feel alright; walking back, tracing crack; my life becoming white and black; it's like a f...

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6. My Day

living these days you can never be alright; seeking for something, living for live; i tried to take you; tried to fill you; but i; cannot tell you; how you can change; your mind. ; living for somethin...

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7. No Doubt

when i was seventeen, i went to the war machine. i'm lost in the fears, the tears in my face. ; i saw my friends laid on the ground, fearing ending like everyone. ; tears from fears throught all this ...

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8. Sign

from moon to earth; there's a vaccum in my mind; from earth to countries; there's a mistery of this sign; seeking the light and; searching for something that could be mine; i wanna be the superman to;...

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9. Story Of My Life

i can see all the trees dying; i can see my life lying; about the things that just have gone; unforgiven things had left alone; why are these things just happening to me? all the time; all alone; unti...

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10. The Dreamland

so come, take, and bring me to dream land; and dream all the nightmares i had; it's strange to think that all i dreamed; it's because i left my head in the back; i've been there for a long time; and t...

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11. The Red Butterfly

now the rain is gone; i can see the sky; turn my head to the ground; how could hell went down? we are in the time; time to know; time to find; the demons in the fight; [ pre-chorus¹ ]; time don't buy;...

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