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1. Black Paper Black Ink

And i hate what you told me 'bout what i think; That it's a black paper written on with black ink; Now let me tell you one thing about what you said; I'd rather die than to have you here in my bed; Ye...

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2. Hate Is A Beer

I know it sounds dumb but I get a hard-on; From just sitting here and think; About what you once said : 'Faith is a slice of bread, Hate is a beer you can't drink'; There was a time, they told, Fools ...

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3. Hey Man

Hey man, where are you now; Are you alive somehow; I thought you would take the plane; Never to be seen or heard again; Hey man, do you believe; I'm sorry 'cause of your grief; Fuck you I can't rely; ...

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4. I'll Never

Too many pictures are staring at me when I sleep; Photographs remind me that I'm just a jealous creep; But it's hard to loose a woman, when she is all you've got; Everyday I shower and try to wash mem...

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5. Little Perfect Murder

Hope is a madman's dream; When he finds out he's alone; It's the poison that he takes; It's the cancer in his bones; 'Truth or dare' he wispers; Though it knows the ice's too thin; It was hope that ki...

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6. Meeting Failures

Waiting is the hardest part; For a doped up worn out heart; It says it's gonna quit; When its life turns slowly into shit; I feel the mirror laugh; When I whisper it's all I have; Burned down and pass...

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7. Snapshot

Love is a name; For a second that puts me in shame; Life is a snapshot; Which was taken by words I forgot; I know I'm naked, I know my soul; I know this being's got a goal; Sometimes I'm broken, Somet...

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8. That's Just Me

You don't have to say it all again; Whatever happened, I'm sure it was meant to be; I think I'm just to slow; You say you suffer and you don't get any grip; On everything that I prefer to skip; But I ...

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