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1. 47 Daughters

I can see the corners that I'd have to cut; Feed them both my arms, and it wouldn't be enough; So the sane rube in me thinks I'll make it back; But the mind is clear, it is showing me the facts; That ...

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2. Astray

If there's a place in your head; Where you can go be jaded; Then you should go and turn off; A body overrated; Would believe in all the answers; If all had gone your way? When you believed in all the ...

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3. Better Days

Once you let in the troubles from your past; Once again; Take your time and decide which ones were worth; All the fights; That is all that I ask; Summer knows you the best; So once you learn every col...

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4. Big Fish

I heard you've never been sober; And the haze is only the start; Fish dip brought in a basket; A position I cannot watch; Once you take what you like, Raise your shoulders and shut your eyes; I will s...

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5. Big Surf

When the tides go up; I'll drive into the city; Just look around; All the girls are so pretty; As the crowds freak out; I take the elevator; To catch waves; As big as a skyscraper

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6. Choose You

Fall on my bed; And rise when you can; Give me all your enemies; I can take 'em, honestly; This is not a waste of time; I am now completly energized; Please understand the things that I would do to; k...

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7. Face To Face

Wendy, you're stuck in my game, I know; Wouldn't be here without pain, for sure; 50 years on, no one will know; The delicate humdrum ways of this love; If you can keep up someday; Finally face to face...

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8. Heart Keeps Thinking

A great big sign; that's over me; asking what I can do to please; A love so sharp; It cuts my knees; Yet I'm crawling to make ends meet; But the heart keeps thinking that you're worth the fall; The br...

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9. In The Middle

Hey brother; You're coming along okay; You sold the things that you owned; And now you're asking me; Well, bust me up; Hold on, man; You got on my nerves today; You said you'd better your life; But th...

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10. Invicto

When our houses; Fall apart; In time; I will stay here; In my place; No trials; Cause I'm alright; Yes I'm alright; And I'm just fine; Yes I'm just fine; When our soldiers; Fall behind; Torn up; I wil...

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11. It Never Works

Turn your heart into a lake; Remove what floats; Hide your friends from all your dates; All eyes on you; It's a game that we should've played; when we were cool; No, it never works; It never works; fo...

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12. Safe Rock

I've heard of a song without a name; It stays the same; And everyone learns the melodies; It's just the name; We need; Summer, summer; Bring the ghost to me; It's what I want; In its silence; It will ...

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13. Slow Moves

If you want your body disappeared; Then you'll know which voices not to hear; What decisions you should never make; With that broken leg of yours, again; They had a hole in the back; And the cities ab...

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14. Swell

Well, I want my voice again; It might pull me out; Of a nationwide abyss; Make it overground; When it comes, it goes off; Summer's almost out; Get me off this water; Have you seen me now? There's no a...

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15. The Curse

When he moves your mouth; do you feel spoken to? Does it feel like him; or does it still feel like you? Are your legs outstretched; underneath all the hay? Well, the curse is off under my charge; I st...

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16. The Sad Facts

Wishing I was fair to you; and all you do; But keeping me alive is what; I'm hoping for; Never even seen you stare; a little hurt; Celebrating empathy; it comes and goes; I should've noticed you are n...

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17. Until

There's a place I never go; Where they keep you from the cold; And they call you by the name; It creeps me out; It's a house lit in the dark; It is open when you are; And they told me I should try; Bu...

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18. Vegas

A wonderful morning light; Couldn't help myself; It's off again; So maybe I'll take a ride; To the desert folds; Or just relent; As everything turns to rust; Amend; I'm hoping I'll see enough; By then...

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19. Waitress

When I was younger; Breaking the law; With my alarm bells; Keeping me dull; If I believed you; I'd be on my way; Watching the fire; Dust in the air; Oh, I was off; I was here; With you; Watching the f...

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20. What Light?

The day is already past; and nothing good has been said; The judge has called; The bail is set; You've been so careless and indolent; Somebody has to come by; to keep you always on time; and make you ...

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