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1. Burning House

I had a dream about a burning house; You were stuck inside; I couldn't get you out; I laid beside you and pulled you close; And the two of us went up in smoke; Love isn't all that it seems I did you w...

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2. Cold In California

Wouldn't hold you back; No, I never would do that; That don't mean I wanted you to go; Playing dives on weekends; Was a slow ride to a dead end; You're headed west to find your pot of gold; And I hope...

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3. Country Ain't Never Been Pretty

Her high heels on the red carpet; Her perfect hair blowing in the wind; With her designer jeans and fake eyelashes; Crooning "thanks, y'all! " to the crowd between the flashes; She may be singing 'bou...

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4. Down This Road

Een away much longer than I would of liked; Got caught up in that nine to five; Ain't seen my mama in too many nights; But I'm coming home, down this road; And I drive past the postman who still knows...

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5. Forgetting You

You rise up like smoke from the bed of this hotel; And I don't do so well getting you when I'm alone; Local Tv, these walls take pity on me; Ice machine in your memory, all I hear down the hall; When ...

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6. Half Broke Heart

[Verse 1]; No need to give a bunch of lame half-assed excuses; Why this ain't love, I'm blonde but I ain't stupid; I wasn't looking for a ring it doesn't mean it doesn't sting; When you cut and run so...

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7. Hungover On Heartache

Torn to pieces with a bullhorn fight; I think we'll be alright; Made amends, but we can't pretend; The stings aren't gonna bite; Coming around like a steamroller wheel; We'll be a little stronger when...

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8. Mayday

You are overbearing; I'm not in love; But I don't wanna tell you; We've been contemplating how to give it up; But I can't convince you; We've been hopelessly holding too tight; When we don't even need...

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9. My Mistake

Just another heartache in waiting; Just another sweet-talkin' dream that ends in lonely nights; Just another handsome breakup; He'll be gone before the morning light; But he's my mistake to make all n...

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10. Redwood Tree

Old redwood tree; Don't you recognize me? Know it's not much time for you; But it's been decades for me; Oh, Redwood tree; Sorry I had to leave; Eager mind and a teenage heart; Can get hooked on a dre...

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11. Runaway Train

I always knew that you were hiding something from me; I always knew you're not what you pretend to be; I always knew that all your lies would come to light one day; But I never knew what it could do t...

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12. Untamed

When they roll up Main Street in this town; We hook up and we roll out; All together, all alone; They run out, so bring your own; Leave behind your daddy's rules; And all that stuff you learned in sch...

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13. Village

Claire, don't you dare believe them; I'd never leave you alone; I've been watching over you like older brothers do; Since the day you were born; I know it feels like I have let you down; But I'm still...

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14. Want It All

Been a-sittin' 'round a coward, broken all that I can break; Cried my eyes out in a bathroom stall of every western state; Still, I ain't stoppin' cause there's more that I can take; Got my angels and...

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