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1. Normal Life

Maybe you can find after all; Maybe you catch before it falls apart; So you'll become the greatest man that lived; But I'm heading back into the normal life; I couldn't catch before it fell apart; Whe...

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2. Put Your Gun Down

Put your gun Down, boy; You know that this won't take you there; Stop the shouting voice in your head; that made you play the role of the bad poor boy; who never knew the best to do; soaked into a dis...

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3. They Keep Playing

Time, we're running out of time; It starts to fade away; Yes I do sound like sorrow; Stars are falling from the sky; you'll never shine again; It was a dream that you followed; I believe that I won't ...

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4. Until I Drown

I need some shelter from the rain until I drown; I need some hope for a change; I just can't fall tonight; I've seen violent waves; they came to drag me down; I believe in me, I believe in what is tru...

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5. Why Don't You?

Honey, now you can do it on your own; You should have noticed that I was no good for you; But tonight you feel it tight; Baby girl, why would you wait for me? I'm not in the silver, the ring that you ...

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