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1. Death Worship

In a room, darkened; Full on my suicide notes; On the walls.. In the ceiling.. Covering the floor.. Every corner saying goodbye; cursing this world; hailing death; As I stagger; in this world; and the...

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2. Dedication In Misanthropy

Human cruelty; Animosity towards each other by command or by will; Wars for religion and land; Executions, slaughtering, torture; For earthly fortunes and pleasure; So worthless is one life; Geniosity...

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3. Herrame On Saapuva

Kostonkuu joi verta tuhannen kristityn; Höyryävän maljan heidän kalloistaan; Edes aseet ruosteiset eivät itkeneet; Ne vihdoin saivat nauttia veriteoistaan; Ei auta parhain miekkakaan; Ilman miestä ja ...

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4. Horns Of Hate

Bestial hatred upon mankind; Gazing down from the throne; Gushing misanthropy; Disgust, dripping from the mouth; Expression, twisted insanity; Ritualistic art of dying; Made by my horns of hate; Gone ...

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5. Jumalviha

Revi hänet sisältäsi; ja paiskaa pirstaleiksi; Ota naamio kuolion; kasvosi lamauttamaan; Ikuiseen pahuuteen; sillä kristus ja valo poissa ovat; Katso haudattuun maahan; Kylve sen kosteassa kuolemassa;...

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6. Morbid Hordes Revenge

Dead like a priest hung from a tree; Ropes drawn about his armpits; Crows have picked his eyes away; Flesh is scarred and ripped to shreds; The crucifix still hanging cold; Dancing slow to the wind of...

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7. Riistäen Sielun Ja Hengen

Aamunkoi jälleen valaisee; Paljastaa öisin ruhjotun rujouden; Kristinmiehen pieksin; Omaan heikkouteensa kuolemaan; Oppejaan kuuliaasti noudattaen; Antoi henkensä käsiin jumalan; Vaan käänsikö luoja k...

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8. Suicide Manifesto

Staring at the cold bleak light; Steaming breath leaving from my lips; At the circle of malevolence; No joy to benefit from here; Time is sharpening my knife; Reflections of pain and misery; Had human...

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9. Suinatun Surma

Kärsivan rukous; Tuskissasi jaloissani ryömit; Armoa anoen; Vuodattaen verta tuhansista haavoistasi; jotka suolalla ja myrkyllä kyllästin; Ei ole armoa; Ei anteeksiantamusta; kun kasvojasi ilkkuen pot...

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10. The Dark Blessed Elite

From the Shadow, rising.. A pale becoming; Like a leaking sewer pipe; rancid, rusted by the time of existance; Wasting and losing energy; Still deteriorating... withering; Arteries spread by my gospel...

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11. Through The Scars Of Selfmutilation

Those who seek for Him; and becon His name from the deepest of Hell; Don't actually sense; that his presence draws near; The tools of trade; ancient ways and means of it; Strenght behind the material ...

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12. Wrathpainted Hammer Upon Their Weakening

Staring galced eyes; No reason shall pass them by; They believed all the lies; Written on the pages of a book despised; He hears not; Ears won't accept my words; Endulged by that blindness; Redemption...

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