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1. Alright

Alright; Everything is gonna be alright; nuh worry ´bout a ´ting; it´s gonna be fine; Music so sweet; And to sound is so right; It makes you forget; All of life`s problems; I want you to smile cause y...

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2. Bad Boys

CHORUS:; Bad boys, bad boys; Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do; When they come for you; (Repeat); Bad boys; Whatcha want, watcha want; Whatcha gonna do; When sheriff John Brown come for you; Tell me;...

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3. Black Roses

What have happened to my garden of black roses; Oh nurturing years of so long; When I was a boy I planted a garden; That meant so much to me; One of reality, yeah; A garden of Love, none like this bef...

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4. Games People Play

Na nananananananana; Talking about you and me; And the games people play; All the games people play now; Every night and every day now; Never meaning what they say; Never say what they mean; First you...

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