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1. By The Lake

By the lake; In the sun; Here we are; The day has just begun; And oh, with the years our dreams they melt away; My friend you can call me if you need; You rest your hand; On my leg; There’s a thousand...

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2. Drawn Directly

A few moments ago; I had no knowledge of your existence; Just a dozen kisses ago I didn’t know how your lips; Could affect my senses; Sensitive seconds with you; Feelings dancing between us; I was dra...

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3. Not Awake

Another room; Another wall; Another step; And we're about to fall; And you know that I would love to go away; Leave this place with you we know that it won't rain; Take me out to where the blossoms bl...

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4. Sleepache

Do you read my thoughts; When lights are out and all is dry; Alle the wrinkled worn out lines; When owls are out to fly; In your bed; Sense fading; Wide awake; Hearts aching; In your bed; Night’s fadi...

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5. The Lovecats

We move like cagey tigers; We couldn't get closer than this; The way we walk; The way we talk; The way we stalk; The way we kiss; We slip through the streets; While everyone sleeps; Getting bigger and...

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6. When Should We Go

These old green boots have seen the news; Oh yes they know; That my feet want to move; Run away from this room the thick air the untold; When should we go? I don't know but it could be later than late...

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