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1. A Close Encounter

A way with words; in translation; semantics is lost; an orthodox beckon to; which the stones will not listen; summon up fire and brimstone; while you paint devils on walls; these stones will not liste...

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2. Backwoods

Their throats are an open grave; they hold secrets supposedly safe; and they will pass them on to their descendants; adverse effect; how is your monarchy assembled? measure the gifts that have been gi...

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3. Blackhole

Travelling at the speed of light into the void. Destination unknown. Lost in orbit in the midst of heathendom. Watched the sun darken - the stars fall from heaven. Picking up signals - signals of the ...

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4. Cold Stare

"Connection after a long period of silence, your cold eyes spoke to me without words. Agony was present. I understood it all along."; I heard a silent whisper from the past - eight years of isolation....

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5. Folkslave

Not in his own; refuse to believe in his own strength; concern; hardly responsibility; responsibility hardly concerns a slave; so we shall call upon the host; to be a part of the group; the master ens...

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6. Latterday Saints

Seen the last dim of mortal light; seen the first immortal sight; heart rising, mind returning; count the cost in sacred blood; turning the gaze, gaze forward; the home, the nest - it is not here

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7. Like Abel's Blood Cried For Revenge

Like Abel's Blood Cried For Revenge; Realm of chaos maintaining itself. Until the spirit of forgiveness prevails. ; Through the way behind the scenes. ; Absolution reclaiming; It's rightful place.

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8. Limb Diasporas

Separation from the body of Christ. Town divided in numerous districts. ; The globe all covered be wanderers. They roam with no direction. The holy land, the promised land - your time will come and th...

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9. Masonic

Masonic; Secrets revealed in the Masonic legacy. Brainchild chosen to be, Veiled all in white. Revelation lucifugous in the light. ; No knowledge, no proof. Swimming so deep. Who let you down. Try bre...

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10. Pathos

Inclined - and there is light to see; for those unwilling darkness will suffice; those who choose to believe - blessed be; those who stand aside - reason satisfies; virtue and vice; black and white; c...

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11. Storm

Storm; The roaring floods shall come... Before the never ending sea.

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12. The Fugitive

The trees are grey here; the soil is damp and cold; his senses are filled with drought; after his flee from the temple; rites made him shiver from fear; now waiting for someone; to proclaim salvation;...

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13. The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce; Prepare the way for contemporary darkness. Someone dared to add and erase. ; Philistines of their time have had their say. Philistines of our time will have their say. ; The mainstr...

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14. Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide; Mankind fears what eyes fail to conceive. Unseen presence, within these walls. ; The cynic will not acquire but the obedient marches on, Knowing resistance has begun. The inevitable is...

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15. Wormwood

Until you know grief; you have not seen; the depths that we have been in; no comparison; to the depths that will reveal; you will hear nothing; that shouldn't be passed on; you will have a taste; of b...

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16. Woven Hands

Awoke from the slumber; the lapse of time; I have got nothing to show for it; entertained but not enlightened; recalling today; for a trace of tomorrow; being one without a lifespan; new thoughts must...

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