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1. Blast Beats Ruined My Life

Running and screaming and tearing the walls. Why wont you leave me alone? Because this is my fucking home. I watch you when you are sleeping. This is my fucking home. Just show me some attention pleas...

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2. Foul Play

Voices in my head, touching on my skin. Chills run down my back, no oxygen. Now! How the hell do I get, my self out of this. I want you out, for good. I see your body, but don't show your; Face. My he...

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3. Kill The Lights

Please stop the sun light, please stop the sun. The dark was comforting. I saw these dreams. ; They're buring eyes in the glare. But every time I try it's just isn't enough. I swallow, I bleed, but ev...

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4. Miracle

Miracle! This will not end, without destruction. Buildings on fire, rubble is down. Pull out the pin, pull out the pin. We will not win, we need a miracle. ; Never had a miracle, shut me down, A mirac...

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5. Mystery Of Being Made

You really want to know? What should this be, made up; From? Why couldnt you show me? Because I; Want it. ; I wish I was a better person. Never, never, never, never. I look at you, but I can't see. Ne...

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6. Vine Of Lies

Take a step back! Take a bow, To the queen, the queen, The queen! This couldnt be another exit. Another way to hide everything. I can't find another way out. Just walk away, please just walk; Away, ju...

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