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1. Foreign

Sweet Beginnings, Bitter Endings, I never could figure the middle out; I dont want you, to feel like you have to stay; Id rather you run than walk away; Dont play these games, when I dont know the rul...

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2. Look At You

Here we go again, lets not fight. I am always wrong, you were right. Masquerade with me Come lets Dance... You can't try and give this a chance; Don't turn and walk away, I wanted you to stay, Can't y...

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3. Lost Vegas

A city has its sin, and I am falling in; I will not fight, what I cannot defend; You know who I am, so let me go; I don't think your really coming home; I find it hard to sleep, when city lights are o...

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4. Sonar

Watching you grow up has been so wonderful; I'm sorry I can't stay to the rest, I'd give up everything; Chorus: I'm Fading, I'm Out but watching you far from outerspace; I'll fight to the death, to he...

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5. Your Life

Lately, We've been down and out I know, but I'm here to make that change; I think we've fallen far from where we started on slipping ground, but you know , I'll hang around; I don't want to fight, I d...

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