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1. Get Close

He runs screaming, he's been dreaming but he thinks he's awake. He started trying, since the lyings about all he can take. He grabs her hand, the girl's hand that we just met at the bar, He whispers g...

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2. Love Like Novocaine

Oh, seems like a day ago, Not quite like the last;; And now I see him walking far away, Blasting down the street tonight. ; One more reason; It's a cold from the season. And I know that she'll be plea...

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3. Motion Sickness

Call The Cops - Motion Sickness; How does it feel to be alone; i'm seeing such a rush; you wanna be here with me and my own. I see inside your eyes; because the lies the truth that find me never know;...

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4. Room 410

I'm tired and I'm reckless and I can't go home; (can't go home); I'm useless and regretful with nowhere to go; (nowhere to go); And I'm lonely and I notice stuff ain't nothing just to show it; Open yo...

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5. So over you

So, so, so, so, so over you; It's a bad dream, that I can't wake up from; It's a good thing, that I can't give up on; And I know that theres a secret that you're trying to keep; And all the late night...

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