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1. Break It

You can't regret it, It's not your fault that you don't get it, After all, if I couldn't let it, I'd take a pill to fix the chemical that makes us fall. ; Forget the pain that you put me through, You ...

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2. Dumbstruck

I can't deny; But I fell for you; And I don't know why; In the blink of an eye; It was the first time we met; And the way my heart went out for you; It didn't make sense; No, it didn't make sense; Let...

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3. Go Home Monday

Why, does every single guy; Pretend to be your friend; When they've all got their secret motives? You, don't seem to have a clue; I'm betting your IQ; It's barely peaking over zero; I've been sleeping...

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4. Gone

Don't come runnin' after me; Just take a ride, ride, ride; 'Cuz it's been too long; And my heart it's gone; You say you're in love with me; But it's a lie, lie, lie; And it feel so wrong; Now that I'v...

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