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1. Business

It's ironic, isn't it? I never seemed to care when I had you there; Oh, but now that you're with her I'm jealous; It's troubling, isn't it? How the tables turn 'cause of this one girl; That you replac...

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2. Cut & Run

So you sayin' that you want me baby; That you want me baby; Like that, like that, like; Don't you think that I learned my lesson; From the time you dropped me out; But maybe I said that I want you bab...

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3. Give 'n' Take

Same old, same old; Another takeaway on the sofa; Scrolling through our phones; Same old, same old; A weekend at your parents; Just tryna save up some dough; Hell no, hell no; Will we ever go for dinn...

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4. Love the Lie

Wake up in the space in my bed; One of the things that you left at the end; Plus a hundred things unsaid, but whatever; They all say, "You gotta give it time"; But I'm not sitting 'round wasting mine;...

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5. Maybe I'm a Liar

Cuffle in my eyes; when I wake up in the morning; Coz I got that tricky feeling; that I've woken up on your bed; your bed, your bed; I reach for my phone; 'cause reality's started dawning; And I gotta...

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6. Silly Boy

You say you're not ready for a long term thing; It's got too hot and heavy; Not like I want a ring; Such an over-thinker; You've given yourself spooks; But why'd you have to fight; When you know it's ...

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