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1. Angel

Mommy wake up; I got school in an hour; And I still need breakfast; Say some; I hate when you mumble; Please come to your senses; This Coca-Cola got youtripping over onto; The kitchen counter; Can you...

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2. Art Hoe

Five four, black hair; Never had her dad there; Kissed a lot of boys but; Never seems to have care; She just wants vodka and cigarettes; Has her dealer on speed dial; When she gets stressed; And she k...

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3. I'm Ok

I haven't smiled very much today; But I'm okay, I'm okay; All these tears are diamonds on my face; And I'm okay, I'm okay; I think you were the first person who gave me a shot; I want you to know that...

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4. Monster (Under My Bed)

Monster, monster under my bed; Come out and play 'cause I need a friend; You're so damn close that I feel your breath; You're the only one I have left; Feel you in my bones; Shiver up my spine, you're...

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5. Nails

You have some daddy issues; It's not like that's an issue; The way you look at me it's almost like I have to kiss you; I fucking had it with dramatics; Show the passion and you; Crashing into walls an...

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