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1. Amuse Yourself

Amuse Yourself; © Call me Ed; You and i; something that could never be; yeah i thought that you and i; could´ve been afraid to leave; waste my time; closer to the edge, i said; guess it just passes by...

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2. Somehow

Somehow; © Call me Ed; Do you ever feel this way; then you lost your time; got the fever for today; keep me awake at night; come on come on with me; stay around, stay around; straight down till you se...

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3. Stayed Up All Night

It‘s been some time since we met each other; and i don´t want this feelings to come again; days passing by our minds are full of bother; try to figure out my plans and comprehend; it´s a crazy world w...

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4. The Rain

Complaining about things; the same old street; you still owe me for those days; we come and go falling to pieces; coz i really found out yeah i really found out; what it means to me; coz i really foun...

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5. Things From The Past

I gotta keep on moving; yeah i‘ll keep on moving; i‘ll try, to understand all my feelings; well im regretting for misunderstandings; and im growing up while i learn; and the answers are clear to me; s...

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