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[Chorus: Lil Rob]
Califa Thugs.............
Califa Thugs be rollin rollin

Dropped out with the double pump
Comin at you with the Krazie Bone
Gotta be the sickest little rapper
With the rhymes and the bigger team
Never question the way Richie rolls
Can't you see, eat a fat dick you hoe
We still gonna travel you can't stop us
Doin what the shit we wanna do
With my bullets in your spine
Fuck a bitch or two
Be the streets thats comin at you
Better watch your dome
Cause the bicthes jackin be mean
So once again it's on
It's the Youngster comin at you
With the visions of a double drop of crack
Layin bustas on thier backs
Just bleedin for survival
It's the mothafuckin Lil Youngster
Comin at your with your mothafuckin rival
Plus the 5-0 is a no-no fuck the po-po
And I know so
As I'm cruisin down with my lo-lo
With the locs on my kid
Pickin up a check with what's the name
On it


[Lil Rob]
Hollow point valas
64 Impalas
Hienas wanna call us
Cause we be the ballas
Lookin at you through the tint of my lids
I don't get intimidated
Even when you're with your friends
And you begin to disapear
Cause you know what
You're never gonna reapear
Cause you gotta
Put your life in gear
Gotta make it real clear
Get intoxicated so you won't be able to stear
Crusin, smilin down the blouavard
With the hienas always wildin
Got the cuete ready with the safety off
That's a warnin for you haters
Don't piss me off
Hittin switches on your playa hatin bitches
Fallin to the ground now that ass is dead
Rollin on D's while we rollin another dub
Come and get high with these Califa Thugs


Silencer.... orginal
Enemies lay dead with the bullet holes
Ain't nobody in the world gon takes us out
Can't you see we don't fuck around
Baggy pants creased up with the locs
San Diego West Coast
Makin money all day we don't stop
Hit the switches to make it hop
Pelones smokin marijuana
In the 6-3 Impala
I won't never ever trust no bitches
And I leave my enemies with stiches
This is the way it goes
Silencer from the 19 0 4
Silencer's your Peloncito
And I like it when you call me papacito


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